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Platinum Preppy Modern Maki-e Limited Edition

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Produktinformationen "Platinum Preppy Modern Maki-e Limited Edition"
Platinum Preppy Maki-e Limited Edition
New limited modern Maki-e model with a quintessential Japanese feel. Based on the popularity of the 2021 launched preppy wa, Platinum took it another step further with these all new 6 Maki-e paterns. 
The new models convey the elegance and grace of Japanese tradition incorporated into a modern design using a distinctive modern Maki-e technique. Each pattern symbolizes a special auspicious sign so that you can chose your own favorite based on the design meaning. 
The preppy series has been well-received since its first appearance in 2007 for its high writing performance while being reasonably priced. The nib made of highly-polished stainless stell with a mixed metal point provides excellent abrasion resistance, making it the best quality fountain pen series for this price range. It also comes equipped with the Slip & Seal Mechanism, which prevents the ink from drying out inside the pen even after a year without usage, providing a stress free, smooth writing experience at any time. Preppy wa models are particularly appreciated by international customers while the auspicious patterns make them ideal for a casual gift. 
The modern maki-e is applied with silk screen printing instead of urushi lacquer on the under layer, which is then sprinkled with colored powders such as gold and silver and hand finished one by one by maki-e artisans. It gives more thickness compared to normal printing, while the reflections and shades of the powders create a three-dimensional feel. 
Fuji: Fuji that bloom with trailing flowers is thought to be reminiscent of rice grains that grow prolifically and so considered as an auspicious symbol that conveys the hope for bountiful harvest.
Kuyou: In the Heian period (794-1185), it was often used in car symbols to pray for traffic safety.
Fukura Suzume: It represents a sparrow that balloons its feathers to survive the cold winters. Its round and plump look is associated with the Japanese word "fuku", symbolizing wealth and happiness. 
Shime to Tomoe: As the pattern evokes swirling water, the Chinese character (tomoe) was carved on the roof tiles as a charm against fire. 
Kiku Karakusa: Entrusted with the hope for longevity, the pattern comprised of Chrysanthemum flowers and karakusa was used on crafts from the kamakura perios as well as on various items including Noh costumes, Buddhist ritual objects, kimono and Japanses accessories. 
Kachimushi: Known as a kachimushi (victory insect), dragonflies are called in different names thorughout their life cycle. They live underwater first and then crawl out of the water when they are ready for adulthood. Such transition of their life implies success in life and thus loved ba many warriors and military commanders in Japan.

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