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Conklin All American

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Produktnummer: SW11711.8
Produktinformationen "Conklin All American"
Inspired by Conklin’s original models and the rich heritage of the brand, the new All American™ collection brings a vibrant, contemporary style to a timeless oversized streamlined design.
Crafted from handmade European high-grade resin, the All American™ is impressively large in size, yet not so big as to be uncomfortable in the hand. The cap and barrel are carefully tapered to provide a perfect balance. The All American™ Collection meets the requirements for those who want a large pen, one that stands out in a crowd but which still stays true to the classic style and feel of the original Conklin® designs.
Length: 14.1cm
Uncapped 13.7cm
Griffstück 3.5cm
Converter inlcuded
#6 Jowo Nib

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