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Pelikan Maki-e Seven Treasures M1000 - Limited Edition


Product number: SW12351
Product information "Pelikan Maki-e Seven Treasures M1000 - Limited Edition"
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LIMITED EDITION Maki-e Seven Treasures M1000 - M Nib Nr. 95 of 123
Maki-e is the art of Japanese lacquer painting and is renowned for its beauty and artistry. The Pelikan Maki-e ”Seven Treasures“ fountain pen uses Togidashi-Taka-Maki-e that combines both Taka-Maki-e and Togidashi-Maki-e techniques.
Seven Treasures are listed in the Buddhist scriptures. The typical seven treasures are gold, silver, lapis lazuli, crystal, giant clam, coral, and agate.

The Seven Treasures are expressed on this Pelikan M1000 as auspicious omen motifs by drawing additional fortunate items such as treasure roll, treasure-house lock, and cherry blossoms. By this, the Pelikan Maki-e ”Seven Treasures“ fountain pen is a collection of symbols which are believed to bring good fortune and are often used for Japanese traditional designs.
The Pelikan Maki-e ”Seven Treasures“ fountain pen is a masterpiece that combines the craftsmanship of Pelikan Germany based on 180 years of tradition and technology coupled with superior Japanese traditional Maki-e painting techniques. Each pen has the Pelikan logo on the crown, a limited edition number, and the artist’s signature drawn in by hand using Maki-e techniques. The ”Seven Treasures“ is limited to 123 pieces worldwide. Each fountain pen is equipped with an 18 carat, two-tone gold nib and is encased in a traditional Japanese pen box made of paulownia wood.
Properties "Pelikan Maki-e Seven Treasures M1000 - Limited Edition"
Nib sizes: M

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