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Pilot Kaküno Blue

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Produktnummer: SW11758.1
Produktinformationen "Pilot Kaküno Blue"
Learning is easier with a smile.
The first pen that writes, rhymes and smiles.
The first time you ski down a slope – the first time you go back to college – your first kiss… The very first time you do something is often a joyful learning experience that helps you grow. That’s why Pilot created Kaküno — a fountain pen available in a selection of rainbow colours with a fine or medium nib. Thanks to Kaküno’s comfortable, ergonomic shape, children find that learning to write beautifully is easy and fun. And the little Kaküno face engraved on each nib helps them hold the pen correctly, so they always associate happy writing with happy learning!
Made with 85% of recycled plastic (excluding consumables), to reduce our impact on the environment.
Pen with cap.
Refillable with international standard ink cartridges.
Elegant and writing comfort thanks to a hyper-resitant steel nib.
Eigenschaften "Pilot Kaküno Blue"
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