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Oxford Touch Collegeblock B5 Sunshine yellow, squared

Produktnummer: 400086486
Produktinformationen "Oxford Touch Collegeblock B5 Sunshine yellow, squared"
The squared spiral-bound notebook in the modern format B5, with the exceptional, matte TOUCH feel. Thanks to its size of a tablet it fits in every school bag and there is still enough space to ake all the notes during every day life in school. Fitted to 90g Premium Optik Paper® for durable optimal writing results, twin-spire and a robust cardboard cover.
Modern tablet format with enough space for notes but easy to carry
An ultra-soft lamination for an exceptional feeLineatur
Extra white and smooth paper (Optik Paper® ) without translucent ink
Deep colours made even brighter by the velvety-soft lamination.
Laminated cardboard cover for an optimal appearance
B5 exercise book Tablet-format, 160 pages
90g/m² Optik Paper® for easy writing and optimal writing results
Squared with a margin on the left for a better orientation
Twin-Wire binding for a 360° opening
Microperforation for a clean picking of each sheet
Dimensions (cm) : B5, 17,6x25

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