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Online Switch Plus

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Produktnummer: SW11743
Produktinformationen "Online Switch Plus "
SWITCH Plus - the design fountain pen with a clip and the app made of extraordinary quality is equipped with a comfortable ergonomic grip part for classic writing on paper. This fountain pen impresses with ist extraordinary soft and comfortable writing experience and ist light weight which is perfectly suitable for continuous writing in everyday school life. The SWITCH Plus fountain pen is as well equipped with a stylus tip which glides lightly and conductively over capacitive screens of smartphones and tablet PCs. The special designed grip ensures a simple handling. Consequently the SWITCH Plus can be used perfectly as a fountain pen for beginners. Made of conductive plastic, the SWITCH Plus serves as a multifunctional writing instrument in school and is suitable for every age group. And the SWITCH Plus can do more: It’s the first pen with a app for writing exercises on tablets. ONLINE developed together with teachers this app for writing, letter and word exercises.
Eigenschaften "Online Switch Plus "
Colours: Petrol
Federstärken: EF

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