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Online Best Writer Campus - James Rizzi "Taxi take us Home"

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James Rizzi
Produktnummer: SW11740.9
Produktinformationen "Online Best Writer Campus - James Rizzi "Taxi take us Home""
The world-famous Pop-Art creates a positive energy in all age groups. As Special Edition on the Campus pens, the pictures of the New York artist sparkle with colours and details and create a positive spirit for the everyday life. Now with the original signature on the clip of the fountain pens. Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling, returning from a long journey home… only one more step and you can close the door behind you, and if you are from New York – like James Rizzi – then you have to take a yellow cab to get back home. As a calligraphy pen, the Best Writer features a superb design and is unbelievably comfortable to write with. This high-quality fountain pen is ideal for creative writing and designing in school exercise books, on greeting cards, certificates, etc. The high-quality iridium calligraphy nib – each one tested individually for quality, Made in Germany – in sizes 0.8 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.8 mm, enables you to create an attractive and individual impression immediately. Fitted with the ergonomically shaped soft grip and the soft feel along the shaft, this pen promotes a particularly relaxed writing style. The stable clip featuring a top design rounds of the superb design and precision finish of this high-quality fountain pen. The Campus Best Writer makes writing and designing fun. ONLINE provides a 5-year warranty on the worthy nib. For standard ink cartridges and ONLINE combi ink cartridges. Each individual pen represents tested quality - Made in Germany. 

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